30 Funny Paintings and Artworks to cheer you up - Keep Smiling

Funny Paintings and Artworks

Funny paintings always serve their purpose. It's time to wipe away those frowns and bring in a smile. Some of the world's funniest paintings according to art experts: “The Experts” — Alexandre-Gabriel Decamps, 1837, “Parody of the Fauve Painters” - Robert Winthrop Chanler,  “Youth Making A Face” — Adriaen Brouwer, 1632 – 1635, “Escaping Criticism” — Pere Borrell del Caso, 1874. Apparently these are some of the first known surrealist artists. Sometimes we all want to break free from the normal life and jump into a fantasy. This brings in momentary happiness. It's common to see street artists turn everyday objects, walls into hilarious paintings. It's rude to laugh alone, let everyone share the magical smile.

funny paintings and artworks

Funny painting shark funny painting shark
Funny paintings cats butterfly funny paintings cats butterfly
Funny paintings monkey bird art farzana malik funny paintings monkey bird art farzana malik
Funny painting fishes jumping man funny painting fishes jumping man
Funny painting art farzana malik funny painting art farzana malik
Funny illustration speech funny illustration speech
Crab lips crab lips
Finger drawing finger drawing

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