20 Creative Surreal photos from around the world for your inspiration

Surreal Photography

Surreal Photos are simply the creative imagination of the photographers. It's something which is not real, yet shown in a beautiful and fantasy related way to mesmerize the viewers. Surreal photography is not something we see in our day to day lives and mind you not all surreal pictures are dreamlike, some of the surreal photos can make you recoil in fear, such is the capacity of these wonderful photographers. These surreal photos have to be deciphered by the viewers to understand the story behind the picture. Surreal photos can trick your mind into seeing something which is not there, yet make it one of a kind experience for the viewers. Just imagine yourself lounging in the moon on a beautiful full moon day, I'm sure it sounds a like a lot of fun. Most of the Surreal pictures are achieved using the adobe Photoshop tool. Sit back and enjoy these beautiful 20 Creative Surreal photos.

Surreal Photography

1 Strawberry Dream Surrealism Photography2 Caras Ionut Dream Surrealism Photography3 Caras Ionut Surrealism Photography5 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography

6 Peacock Surrealism Photography7 Tree Surrealism Photography8 Lady Tree Surrealism Photography9 Hans Kolb Surrealism Photography10 Lestnicy Surrealism Photography4 House Dream Surrealism Photography12 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Photography13 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography14 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography11 Sarolta Ban Surrealism Photography16 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography18 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography19 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography20 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography23 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography25 Melissa Vincent Surrealism Phorography
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