15 Mysterious Lights Seen in the Sky

Lights in the Sky

Sky light photos: America was tottaly gripped by the sighting of UFO's in the late 1940's. Around 1942, there was abattle in Los Angeles county and do you know what triggered this invasion, weather balloons. Balloons were lit up with candles and sent upwards to the sky every six hours, some gunners mistook the balloons for planes and opened fire. There were more than 1400 rounds of fire and heavy shelling which was witnessed by many people on the ground. The skies where lit up with colors due ti the firing. Another interesting story is bright columns of light starting from the ground and going towards the sky in an arc. This beautiful sight happened in a village in Sigulda in Latvia during the winters in 2008. Scientists say the cause of these pillars of lights in the sky were caused due to ice crystals. But some think it's because of an alien invasion. We don't the truth yet, but enjoy these beautiful skylight pictures.

Lights in the Sky

1 Lights Sky2 Lights Sky3 Lights Sky4 Lights Sky

7 Lights Sky8 Lights Sky9 Lights Sky10 Lights Sky11 Lights Sky12 Lights Sky13 Lights Sky14 Green Light Sky15 Lights Sky16 Lights Sky
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