15 Beautiful Real Life Barbies and Kens

Real Life Barbies and Kens

Real life barbies and Kens: When we were little children, we used to play with toys and the most special ones were barbies and kens. I'm sure you would have waited for those little toys to come alive and speak to you. Well here are some real life barbies and Kens, so get ready to say hello to them. Have you heard of Ashton Clarke? She is a young lady from Knoxville, Tennessee. Well from the age of 16, she started to dress up as Barbie. She dyed her hair blonde, appliers fake tan, lip fillers, false eyelashes, contouring makeup, hair extensions and even uses coloured contact lens to get that Barbie look. Now Ashton Clarke is doing her Ph. D in psychology. Meet real life Ben, Celso Santebanes, who spent almost $50,000 in surgery for transforming his looks into Ken, who is assumed to be Barbie's boy friend. Unfortunately in 2015, the world has lost this real life Ben to leukemia in 2015. Go through our collection of real life barbies and Ken pictures and stay amazed.

Real Life Barbies and Kens

1 Real Life Humane Barbies And Kens.jpg2 Bizarre Obsessions Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg3 Lolita Richi Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg4 Valeriya Lukyanova Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg5 Alina Kovaleskaya Real Life Barbie.jpg6 Olga Dominica Oleynik Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg7 Celso Santebanes Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg8 Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg9 Valeria Lukyanova Real Life Barbie.jpg10 Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg11 Real Life Barbie.jpg12 Ken Rodrigo Alves Real Life Barbies.jpg13 Real Life Barbie Girl.jpg14 Real Life Barbie.jpg15 Real Life Barbies And Kens.jpg SHARE / ADD COMMENT

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