20 Beautiful Parked Cars Photography

Parked Car Photography

Parked cars: Have you ever noticed that old cars had a more sophisticated look than the modern ones. If you haven't seen the old cars, have a sneak look at the wonderful old parked car photos. These parked car photos were taken by New York photographer, Franck Bohbot which allows you to have a look the character of these old parked cars. It's so beautiful to see these bumble bee shaped cars, and most of the owners of these cars take pretty good care of these unique cars. They cost a bomb to repair these cars as they are high maintenance. Some of these bumble bee shaped cars are still in use, but you don't get good mileage for them. These old parked cars are a collectors pride. Volkswagen buses have featured in plenty of Hollywood movies, specially in horror and action movies. You don't see many of these vehicles anymore, but it's always fun to look into old stuff.

Parked Car Photography

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