15 Weird and Funny Fashion Trends around the World

Funny Fashion

Funny fashion: A new trend in hairdos has started amongst south korean girls. With the help of curling iron and hairspray, these teenage girls create cute heart shaped hair bangs. It's very popular amongst the teenage girls. It's not just women, who go crazy after colors in hairstyling, some men do love to have colorful long hair and beard. Well this coloring trend is known as merman. Flowers are not just for women, men can also look fashionable with flowers adorned on their beards and mustaches. It's really funny to see small red bloomed flowers sitting prettily on a beard. This trend is quite popular amongst men from Brooklyn, San Fransisco and Portland. If you love pixels, then you will surely love this pixelated hair, haircolors are applied in a certain way to achieve this look. It's a fascinating fashion trend. If you have some more crazy, funny fashion, don't be shy, click pictures and send them to us.

Funny Fashion

1 Muslim Lolitas Funny Fashion Trends1 muslim lolitas funny fashion trends2 Merman Hair Funny Fashion Trends2 merman hair funny fashion trends3 Flowers Beards Funny Fashion Trends3 flowers beards funny fashion trends4 Heart Shaped Hair Bangs Funny Fashion Trends4 heart shaped hair bangs funny fashion trends

5 Bubble Fingernails Funny Fashion Trends5 bubble fingernails funny fashion trends6 Funny Fashion Trends6 funny fashion trends7 Pixelated Hair Funny Fashion Trends7 pixelated hair funny fashion trends8 Lolita Love Funny Fashion Trends8 lolita love funny fashion trends9 Aquarium Nails Funny Fashion Trends9 aquarium nails funny fashion trends10 Funny Fashion Trends10 funny fashion trends11 Funny Fashion Trends12 Funny Fashion Trends13 Funny Fashion Trends14 Christmas Hangover Funny Fashion Trends15 Funny Fashion Trends
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