20 Amazing Modern Architectures and Buildings around the world

Modern Architectures

modern architecture: We are all quite familiar with the old historical buildings like the Taj Mahal, The leaning Tower of Pisa, The Pyramids of Giza and so on. But if you have a look at the modern buildings, they are so different and each one unique in it's own way. With the boom of hotels and in a way to boost tourism, many countries come up with amazing buildings. Some of the modern architecture wonders are the Capital Gate in Abu Dhabi, UAE, Sunrise Kempinski Hotel in Beijing in China, Akshardham Temple in Delhi, India and many more. The Akshardam temple in New Delhi is built on a sprawling 8,000 sq mt which is located on the banks of the Yamuna river. It's purely built with sandstone marbles without using steel. This temple was built in 2005 and was developed by the Pramukh Swami Maharaj. Wow, that's really something. Have a look at the beautiful collection of modern architecture from around the world and stay amazed.

Modern Architectures

1 Danish Pavilion Modern Architectural Wonders2 Eiffel Tower Modern Architectural Wonders3 Modern Architectural Wonders4 Modern Architectural Wonders 5 Capital Gate Modern Architectural Wonders6 Modern Architectural Wonders7 Modern Architectural Wonders8 Akshardham Temple India Modern Architectural Wonders9 Modern Architectural Wonders10 Modern Architectural Wonders11 Dancing Building Modern Architectural Wonders12 Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore Modern Architectural Wonders13 Hotel Atlantis Dubai Modern Architectural Wonders14 Erwin Wurm House Attack Viena Austria Modern Architectural Wonders15 Nagoya Science Museum Japan Modern Architectural Wonders16 Modern Architectural Wonders17 Grand Lisboa Macao Modern Architectural Wonders18 Water Building Resort Modern Architectural Wonders19 Fuji Television Building Japan Modern Architectural Wonders20 Infinity Tower Dubai Modern Architectural Wonders SHARE / ADD COMMENT

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