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20 Beautiful Women Portraits Photographs for you

Beautiful Women Portraits
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Women Portraits: Here are some beautiful women pictures, which seem to stare into your very soul. The photographers have done a splendid job of capturing the beauty at it's best. You can see the diversity in the culture when you travel around the world and these woman portraits are true samples of the amazing beauty around the world. The light effect in...

Top 20 Most Amazing Funny plants

Funny Plants
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Funny Plants: Nature can be very strange and sometimes it’s creatures can be incredible. Some plants have funny colors, strange forms and weird growth patterns.Some plants depend on their aroma for their survival, and some of them smell really horrid like the corpse lily. Some plants don’t look like a plant, only because of their flowers we can...

15 Funny Teacher Quotes for Your Inspitation

Funny Teachers
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Funny teacher quotes: For many students, teachers are their worst nightmares. How many of you have bunked classes during class tests ending with some lame excuses like "My grandma died" (ofcourse she must have been dead a couple of years back). How many of you have laughed at your funny teachers quotes, which ofcourse is a result of comedy of errors. Did...

20 Funny Autocorrect Text Mistakes for You

Funny Mistakes
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Funny Mistakes: If you have a smart phone, I'm sure many of you would have been a victim of your auto correct features on your phone. Even I was a victim of this, I had sent a text message to my friend saying Helloo and the response I got was "Hook", Well it left me stupefied, It was the funny auto correct texts, when you typed HIIII, it auto corrected to...

20 Fun Bike Pictures for You

Fun Bikes
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Funny bike picture: Four people bike seaters? We really don't know, who has the control of this funny bike, what if everyone starts pedaling the wrong way. I'm sure it will be a real funny moment. Wow isn't that fancy looking? If you have a look at these funny bikes, you will be left wondering if they are cars or bikes. Here is an health conscious mom, who...

12 Funny Easter pictures around the world for your inspiration

Funny Easter pictures
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Funny Easter Pictures Funny Easter Pictures: Easter falls on March 27th, Sunday and it's a holiday to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. There are so many funny Easter pictures in the internet, we have collected the best funny Easter images for everyone. There are so many funny Easter jokes and one liners, let me share a few of them, Question:...

10 Beautiful and Tallest Statue in the World Amazing collection

Tallest Statue
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The Greeks and Romans started the legacy of creating some of the tallest statues in the world. In our current times we have many tall statues and the Statue of liberty is one amongst them and believe it or not it  was a friendship gift from France to America. We have many tall statues in the world and to name a few are  ...