An Icy Start To The Relationship

(A guy at work asks girl out on a date, and since she like him a lot, She say yes. They agree to meet in this new restaurant after her shift’s done. Unfortunately it has snowed, and everything is covered in ice and snow. Girl get lost, and after driving around aimlessly, she decide to give up and go home. Girl realize she forgot to exchange numbers, so she can’t call to apologize. The next day…)

Guy: “Hey, where were you?!”

Girl: “I’m so sorry about that! I got lost because of the snow!”

Guy: “Well, why didn’t you call me to say that?”

Girl: “I don’t have your number.”

Guy: “Well you could’ve asked for it!”

Girl: “I’m sorry; I forgot.”

Guy: “Yeah. Sure you did! Just admit that you don’t think I’m hot!”

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