15 Creative illusion typed funky Furniture designs

Creative Furnitures

Funky furniture: Have you read the folk tales "Aladdin and the magic lamp", wel in that story, the little boy Aladdin gets to fly a magic carpet. This magic carpet can also be seen in several animation movies as well. Now people living in Britain can enjoy taking this magic carpet to their homes in the form of a coffee table. This is an optical illusion furniture created by Duffy London. It has a pixelated upper surface, which gives the flying effect, it comes with hidden legs and a black base to make it look like a shadow. This is an amazing concept, except that it comes with hefty price tag of $2,279. Look at the invisible chair, at first sight it looks mind blowing like a drifting chair. This chair consists of clear acrylic at the base of the legs blurs gradually, making the chair look almost invisible. This is a great piece of funky furniture for every home. Hope you enjoyed our funky furniture designs. For more such furniture design, browse our website.

Creative Furnitures

1 Optical Illusion Bookshelves1 optical illusion bookshelves2 Canned Bench Optical Illusion Furniture2 canned bench optical illusion furniture3 Floating Hall Optical Illusion Table3 floating hall optical illusion table4 Canvas Seating Furniture4 canvas seating furniture

5 Minimalist Kub Bathroom5 minimalist kub bathroom6 Legless Illusion Stool6 legless illusion stool7 Flying Carpet Coffee Table7 flying carpet coffee table8 Optical Illusion Storage8 optical illusion storage9 Charles Kalpakian Rocky Shelf10 Optical Illusion Bookshelves11 Optical Illusion Chair12 Boleanos Creative Furniture Joel13 Optical Illusion Furniture14 Lila Jang Furniture15 Optical Illusion Furniture
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