15 Amazing Funny Twins Ever Seen


Twins: Pieter and Paulus Langerock from Belgium are the world's oldest twins and they were born before the first world war. They celebrated their 102nd birthday in July last year. When people enquired about the secret to their long life, this is what they had to say, " A glass of wine a day is our secret to long life". There are paternal twins and fraternal twins. Paternal twins are identical and fraternal twins don't have to be identical. It's nice to be born as a twin, you always have someone to look up to and care for, from childhood. Just because they are identical twins, they don't have to have the same kind of likes and dislikes. So if you are a new mom to twins, be ready to put in some extra work or get some help, since it's not an easy task to bring up twins or triplets or octulets. Enjoy these beautiful twins pictures from around the world and don't forget to share with your friends.


1 Funny Identical Twins1 funny identical twins2 Funny Paternal Twins2 funny paternal twins3 Funny Identical Twins4 Funny Identical Twins5 Funny Paternal Twins6 Funny Paternal Twins7 Funny Identical Twins8 Funny Paternal Twins9 Funny Paternal Twins10 Funny Identical Twins11 Funny Identical Twins12 Funny Identical Twins13 Funny Paternal Twins14 Funny Identical Twins15 Funny Paternal Twins


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