JFL Prank: Police dummy

Policeman stops a car and switches for a dummy, how long will the drivers wait? A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.

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Little Magician Shrinks Car Prank

Victims are confronted with a silly little would be Harry Potter who claims he can shrink their car. Obviously, it doesn't work, the victim has a good laugh because the kid is cute and then goes to buy some beer and cigarettes in the corner store. While the victim is gone, the magician, his friend the hot dog man and three driving minions hide the car cleverly and replace it with a mini car. When the victims come back, their car is gone and they wonder how that little kid managed to steal it.

Floating twenty dollar bill prank!

Scuba diver lost a twenty dollar bill in a water hole and as soon as someone tries to pick it up, he snatches it right out of their hands. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.

Best of Just For Laughs Gags Best Animal Pranks

It's Sunday happy fun time again! Today it's a mashup of the best of funny animals - mostly cats and dogs... and also a bird but he gets eaten by the cat. It also features one of my personal favorite pranks of all time where Epic Old Man gives directions to a german shepherd that's driving a postal truck. That one is pure gold! This video may contain: Seeing eye dog reads map Driving Dog Prank - Just For Laughs Monster Cat Eats Bid Seeing Glasses For Dogs JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Free Cat

JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Toilet Boardroom Surprise

As any good boardroom, this one has an adjacent toilet for the convenience of all meeting attendees.
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