Funny performance appraisal

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The toughest tongue twister received Guiness World Record

Here's some more tongue-twisters (careful, these are tough): "Can you can a canned can into an uncanned can like a canner can can a canned can into an uncanned can?" "The seething sea ceaseth and thus the seething sea sufficeth us." "Imagine an imaginary menagerie manager managing an imaginary menagerie." The sign language version of a tongue twister is a "finger fumbler". "Good blood bad blood" is supposed to be a hard sentence to sign and say, making it a tongue-twister anda finger-fumbler. more tongue twisters,

Funny video of Statue Prank

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Charlie bit my finger again !

Even had I thought of trying to get my boys to do this I probably couldn't have. Neither were coerced into any of this and neither were hurt (for very long anyway). This was just one of those moments when I had the video camera out because the boys were being fun and they provided something really very funny. FAQ Harry is 7 1/2, Charlie is 5, Jasper is nearly 3
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