Funny Free Clown Makeover

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Shark Attack!!

This prank has nothing to do with flying carpets... or does it? Actually, a fake shark attacks people that jump in the water to retrieve a beach ball for a girl in a bikini. Presumably, the shark was summoned by the musicians playing the Jaws theme song. That is all.

Virgin Mary Comes Alive Prank

The Virgin Mary steps on a lit candle scaring everyone who didn't expect her to suddenly come alive. She then proceeds to wink at the victims while the always gorgeous and nun prays god and thanks the holy spirit for this miracle.

Head Caught In Elevator Doors Prank

An already injured man on a stretcher gets is head caught in elevator doors while good samaritans are stuck on the other side of the elevator unable to reach for him.

Sheep Roast Prank

Man asks someone to hold on his sheep while he goes to the toilet - but then the sheep is then cleverly switched for a roasting one and a mad butcher. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.
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