Funny Videos

police stakeout jfl gag
Police Stakeout JFL Gag
biker trap!
Biker Trap!
old man's hearing aid prank
Old man's hearing aid prank
shoot the robbers!
Shoot the robbers!
omg vicious smoke attack video!
OMG Vicious Smoke Attack Video!
public wedding jfl prank
Public wedding JFL prank
lost contact hidden camera prank
Lost contact hidden camera prank
problem patient jfl prank
Problem Patient JFL Prank
squeegee cop
Squeegee Cop
instant basketball game prank
Instant Basketball Game Prank
urban hunting cook jfl prank
Urban Hunting Cook JFL Prank
injured woman can't fit in cab
Injured woman can't fit in cab
crazy waitress from hell prank!
Crazy Waitress From Hell Prank!
grass walking criminals!
Grass walking criminals!
knife throwing prank
Knife Throwing Prank
mars attack in real life!
Mars Attack in real life!
lemon eating woman
Lemon eating woman
smell-o-vision prank
Smell-O-Vision Prank
secret agent on a mission
Secret Agent On a Mission
hare krishna ymca prank
Hare Krishna YMCA prank
what's the time? huh?
What's the time? Huh?
birthday surprise
Birthday Surprise
jfl prank: fragile heavy box
JFL Prank: Fragile heavy box
help wanted
Help Wanted
personal secret agents prank
Personal Secret Agents Prank
jfl hidden camera pranks & gags: instant water
JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Instant Water
jfl hidden camera pranks & gags: police eye test
JFL Hidden Camera Pranks & Gags: Police Eye Test