Elevator Monster

People are greeted out of the elevator by a scary monster!

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Join The Army Funniest Prank

In this prank we separate two loved ones, then reveal who we are and ask them to join the Canadian Army and leave for Afghanistan the very same day. The actual army could use this "join the army for a prank, it will be funny" tactic, they could get tons of new recruits this way.

Notorious B.I.G. calms down crying baby original

We added a new video of Rachel calming down to Biz Markie - check it out! It's not as funny as this one, but it shows her calming down to another one of her favorite hip hop songs. We've also added videos of her first experience with chocolate and one of her new baby brother, who is snoring loudly - you have been warned!. Rachel just adores him.

Self Driving Car Chases Good Samaritans

A girl asks random men to help push her car, obviously they all jump at the occasion to look all manly and full of good intentions. Unfortunately, it turns out the woman's car is some sort of evil bastard child between Herbie and KITT. It's out there looking to get his revenge on the human kind by driving around and running over all humans.

Extreme Caterpillar Breakdance

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