Easter Bunny Shot Dead By Hunters Prank

Gentle old man releases his best friend the Easter Bunny in the wild but it takes less than 10 seconds for two hunters to shoot him in the head! Rabbit BBQ tonight!

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Waiter Attacked By Customer Prank

In this prank we're enlisting the wives and girlfriends of the victims onto our side! While their man is helping a lady in distress, the women are told to throw the wine on the waiter when he comes with wine. Two minutes later, the girls make a huge scene in front of their men who just can't believe what's going on!

Victim Steals Police Car Prank

In this prank we target couples. While the female is distracted, we reveal to the husband / boyfriend that this is a prank and ask him to jump in the police car and drive around the corner.Two minutes later, the instant accomplice comes back with a wrecked cops cruiser while his wife / girlfriend can't understand what's going on!

Mr Bean obedience test for teddy

Wrong Cane Gag

Three blind people lose their canes and mix them together but none of them recognizes theirs and ends up throwing it away on good people willing to help. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.
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