Broken Foot Stuck In Elevator

Man on wheelchair has his stiff broken foot stuck and banging in the elevator doors. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family.

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Shoppers are asked to keep an eye on a stove popcorn aluminum thing while the cook goes to rescue someone in danger behind the curtain (you can't see it but trust me, that's what happens). While the victim is distracted by the handsome police officer, we replace the popcorn thing by a super huge popcorn thing... and then BOOM! EXTREME POPCORN! Jiffy pop galore!

Little Magician Shrinks Car Prank

Victims are confronted with a silly little would be Harry Potter who claims he can shrink their car. Obviously, it doesn't work, the victim has a good laugh because the kid is cute and then goes to buy some beer and cigarettes in the corner store. While the victim is gone, the magician, his friend the hot dog man and three driving minions hide the car cleverly and replace it with a mini car. When the victims come back, their car is gone and they wonder how that little kid managed to steal it.

Golf Expert Jerk

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