Best of Just For Laughs Gags Best Police Pranks

It's Sunday happy compilation fun time again! Today we get the best of police pranks, mostly cop fails and humiliation!
This video may contain:
Cop Shoots Himself In The Foot
Hip Hop Cop Does The Moonwalk Gag
Karate Kid Kicks Cop In Balls
Officer Club Trick Fail
Hidden Camera - Biker Humiliates Cops

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Microphone hairpiece prank!

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People are Funny is a long-running American radio and television game show, created by John Guedel that remained popular throughout the 1940s. The program ran from 1942 to 1960. The program's stunts and audience participation were calculated to reveal the humorous side of human nature. After contestants were sent from the studio to perform a task in public, the audience was told how the contestant was being double-crossed.

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Category: Just For Laugh
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