15 Funny Teacher Quotes for Your Inspitation

Funny Teachers

Funny teacher quotes: For many students, teachers are their worst nightmares. How many of you have bunked classes during class tests ending with some lame excuses like "My grandma died" (ofcourse she must have been dead a couple of years back). How many of you have laughed at your funny teachers quotes, which ofcourse is a result of comedy of errors. Did you know that reading books from a paperback is slowly dying. Nowadays the only time a person holds a paperback is during his school or college. To encourage reading, many cartoons have been created using the student, teacher cartoons. Reading books helps gain a lot of knowledge and increases the memory power and brings in concentration. So young buds, it's time to read some knowledgeable books. Enjoy these funny teacher quotes from around the world and keep yourself entertained. Come back for more such fun stuff.

Funny Teachers

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