20 Modern Architecture and Beautiful Buildings Shaped Like Their Company Products

Modern Buildings: Cowboy boots are a must have for every trekker. But you will be stunned if you look at this giant cowboy boots. In 1979, Bob Wade built this giant cowboy boots and even after so many years, the boots still remain in the North mall in San Antonio. It is known as the World's Largest Boots. During Christmas when the boots are lit up with tiny lights, they look very pretty. Just like how logos, websites are important for any company, advertising through modern architecture is equally drawing a lot of attention these days. For eg, you are really hungry on a Monday morning, you are late for office, you see a large donut shape modern building from faraway, and immediately you know that you can get your favourite donuts there. So it's easy way to attract customers. Have fun scrolling through our beautiful collection of modern buildings and be amazed.

20 Modern Architecture and Beautiful Buildings Shaped Like Their Company Products

1 Tonneau Bistro Bar Novelty Architecture2 Longaberger Basket Home Office Novelty Architecture3 Mammy Vupboard Novelty Architecture4 Giant Vowboy Boots Novelty Architecture5 Coffee Pot Novelty Architecture6 Benewah Milk Bottle Novelty Architecture7 Apple Novelty Architecture8 Randy Donuts Novelty Architecture9 Cobra Towers Design Novelty Architecture10 World Biggest Pineapple Novelty Architecture11 Elephant Tower Novelty Architecture12 Novelty Architecture13 Tonneau Bistro Novelty Architecture14 Big Duck Novelty Architecture15 Big Chicken Novelty Architecture16 Giant Bulldozer Novelty Architecture17 Abandoned Longhorn Grill Novelty Architecture18 Shell Service Station Novelty Architecture19 Chili Bowl Los Angeles Novelty Architecture20 Elephant Shaped Novelty Architecture


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