15 Funny Mobile Phones Ever

funny mobile

Funny phone cases: Have you seen a mobile which is as big as your thumb? Have you seen a french fries phone? Well now is your chance to have a look at the world's most funny mobile cases. How about trying out the funky banana mobile case, atleast it will remind you to eat healthy. Gone are the days of boring old landline phones, here are some snazzy looking landline phones in the shape of lips. It's an interesting piece of decoration, which will light up even boring walls. We also have a funny artist who has created a funny looking mobile out of a real banana, well you certainly can't use it, but definitely can eat it. Enjoy these beautiful yet funny mobiles and keep visiting this spot for more such funny things.

funny mobile

1 Funny Mobile Phone2 Funny Mobile Phone3 Funny Mobile Cases4 Funny Mobile Phone

5 Funny Land Phone6 Funny Land Phones7 Funny Mobile Phones8 Funny Mobile Phone9 Funny Land Phone10 Funny Land Phone11 Funny Mobile Phones12 Funny Mobile Phone13 Funny Mobile Phone14 Funny Mobile Phone15 Funny Land Phone
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