15 Funny Hat Pictures in the World

Funny Hats

Funny hats: Hats are used for several reasons either for protection from weather or for fashion. Hats have been in use from the 17th century. Felt was mainly used to create these hats. In the 18th century, women wore large bonnet hats and as the years passed, they shrunk in size according to the fashion and social culture of the era. Hats were considered to be a status symbol and the high quality materials came from Milan, Italy. Did you know that when a slave was freed in Ancient Greece, he was given a Liberty cap to wear, which symbolized his freedom. The liberty caps were also known as Phrygian caps. These funny hat pictures, don't symbolize anything, it's just plain funny, which can be part of a funny costume or wear them for Halloween. Have fun looking at these beautiful yet funny hat pictures and keep visiting us often for more such fun stuff.

Funny Hats

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