15 Funny Road Accidents for Your Inspiration

funny accidents

Funny accident pictures: Accidents don't have to be always gory or something to be really frightened of. Here are some funny accidents which will definitely have you in rolls of laughter. Imagine being hit by a toy car and the driver is definitely holding a beer bottle, well in a real situation, that driver is asking for trouble. Look at the garage fight, the two drivers were definitel competing as to who will enter the garage first, well both the cars were winners, since both cars turned up first at the workshop. Most roads are not 100% safe for travel, you never know when they will open up to swallow your car, well just cross your fingers and hope for the best. Now how on earth did the red car end up on the roof of a house, which is atop a hill. Well we never know for sure, but safe driving everybody.

funny accidents

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