30 Happy Animals In The World - Laughing or Smiling Animal Images

Happy Animals

Happy Animals: Here are some ridiculously happy animals who have clearly figured something out that they will hopefully share with the rest of us when they are done frolicking or whatever. According to Dr. Brian Carroll, self awareness is conscious concomitant of the physiological processes involving laughter or smiling reflex (response) and its grades, degrees or spectrum varies according to phylogenetic development, with no clear cut demarcation. The emotional ingredients (such as contempt, hatred, ridicule, sarcasm, love, amusement etc.) are variable and involve different neurophysiological and physiological processes. i hope you will like these happy animals / smiling animals, laughing animals pictures,

Happy Animals

Elephant happy animal - 16 elephant happy animal -  16
Dog happy animal - 20 dog happy animal -  20
Dog happy animal - 8 dog happy animal -  8
Rabbit happy animal - 15 rabbit happy animal -  15
Sheep happy animal - 9 sheep happy animal -  9
Dog happy animal - 7 dog happy animal -  7
Monkey happy animal - 5 monkey happy animal -  5
Dog happy animal - 28 dog happy animal -  28
Seal happy animal - 23 seal happy animal -  23
Mule happy animal - 4 mule happy animal -  4


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