20 Funny Photoshop Manbabies

funny photoshop
Funny Photoshop: Manbabies are hilarious yet a little freaky, they started becoming popular from the year 2008. The heads of adults and kids are interchanged using Photoshop and you have the funny Photoshop pictures of manbabies. Most of these funny photo editing is of parents and their kids. It gives the opportunity for a parent to relive their younger...

20 Creative Surreal photos from around the world for your inspiration

surreal photography
Surreal Photos are simply the creative imagination of the photographers. It's something which is not real, yet shown in a beautiful and fantasy related way to mesmerize the viewers. Surreal photography is not something we see in our day to day lives and mind you not all surreal pictures are dreamlike, some of the surreal photos can make you recoil in...

15 Funny Photo Manipulations Parents switch heads with their children

funny photo manipulations
German photographer Paul Ripke created some freaky and strange photos in which parents swapped roles and heads with their babies. Paul Ripke skillfully manipulated these photographs in producing a place every young child would love to be in. Lets check out Paul Ripke’s Great Photo Manipulation Series "Grown Ups".

15 Funny Unidentified flying object Pictures Photoshopped UFOs

We have all been mesmerized by UFO pictures(Unidentified Flying Objects) right from childhood. How often have we stared at the skies trying to sight a UFO? UFO's have always been related to aliens, the reason behind it is unknown. Maybe we can safely assume that it's the impact of all the Hollywood blockbuster alien movies that has kept us...

Photomanipulation Creative works

photomanipulation creative works
Erik Johansson… Hm, now why does this name sound so familiar? Let’s see if our post tags can be of assistance in situation like this one… I knew it! If you check the #Erik Johansson tag, you may discover he had created that marvelous chalk drawing in Stockholm’s square, one we featured not so long ago. Well, if you think about it...

Photomanipulation Creative works Part 2

photomanipulation creative works part 2
In digital editing, photographs are usually taken with a digital camera and input directly into a computer. Transparencies, negatives or printed photographs may also be digitized using a scanner, or images may be obtained from stock photography databases. With the advent of computers, graphics tablets, and digital cameras, the term image editing encompasses...