20 Beautiful Sea Slug Pictures for your inspiration

Beautiful Slugs

Sea Slugs on Earth: One might think sea slugs are creatures from another galaxy, but these tiny looking creatures are one of the wonders of the sea. Atleast 50-80% of all life on Earth is mostly found in the sea. That bodes well considering the sea covers 99% of Earth's surface. But scientists have so far investigated only less than 10% of life under the sea. So no wonder these sea slugs resemble some of the aliens we find in our films. These amazing photographers have really dived very deep into the sea for capturing these beautiful sea slugs photos. In this post we have added 20 Most Beautiful Sea Slugs on Earth photography for your inspiration. Did you know that Nudibranchs are soft-bodied marine molluscs that shed their shells after their larva stage, revealing their beautiful brightly-coloured exteriors. Enjoy yet another marvel of nature with this sea slug photography.

Beautiful Slugs

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