25 Beautiful Flamingos Pictures from around the world

Flamingos Pictures

Flamingos Pictures: Do you know that the eyes of a flamingo is larger than its brain? Flamingos are nearly getting extinct since there are only about six species of flamingos left in the whole world. Flamingo comes from a latin word "flamenco" which means fires, these birds get their names due to the bright color of it's feathers. They are mostly considered as wading birds, but they are also very powerful fliers. These flamingos lay only one egg every year. Flamingo chicks are born gray or white and take up to three years to reach their mature pink, orange or red plumage.In this post we have added 25 Beautiful Flamingos Pictures from around the world. If you see a flock of flamings, they are called as flamboyance or a stand. Among the six species of flamingos, the Andrean flamingo is the most threatened, since there are only about 30,000 birds in the whole world.

Flamingos Pictures

1 Beach Flamingo Photography2 Flying Flamingo Photography3 Flying Flamingo Photography4 Flying Flamingos Photography

5 Beach Flamingos Photography6 Grace Flamingos Photography7 River Flamingos Photography8 Greater Flamingo Photographpy9 River Flamingos Photography10 River Flamingos Photography11 River Flamingo Photography12 River Flamingos Photography13 River Flamingos Photography14 River Flamingos Photography15 River Flamingos Photography16 River Flamingos Photography17 River Flamingos Photography18 River Flamingo Photography19 River Flamingos Photography20 Flamingo Photography21 River Flamingo Photography22 River Flamingo Photography23 River Flamingo Photography24 River Flamingos Photography25 Flamingos Photography
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