15 Beautiful Barcelona Architectures and Buildings for you

Beautiful Barcelona

Beautiful Barcelona: Barcelona is a beautiful place to visit. If you love art, then you should take a walk down the streets of Barcelona, as you can see many beautiful buildings which are fully covered with vibrant color art. You wander down the streets of Barcelona and you feel that you have entered a magical land. You can find such brilliant architecture on buildings and you can also find many beautiful terraces. If you are planning on a honeymoon, then book yourselves an iteniary to Barcelona and be a part of the magical land. In Barcelona alone there nine world heritage sites recognized by UNESCO. Did you that London has only four World Heritage Sites. It's unbelievable isn't it. If you are planning to visit beautiful Barcelona, then make it a point to visit the Gothic Quarter, which is a wide street which connects to other historic centers, from there on move on to "The Picasso Museum", "The Sagrada Familia", "Palau de la Música Catalana" and Park Guell. In the Gothic quarter, be wary of pick pockets and also try the authentic food at the Tapas bar.

Beautiful Barcelona

1 Palau Macional Barcelona Architecture Photography8 Barcelona Architecture Photography11 Porta Fira Hotel Barcelona Architecture Photography2 Barcelona Architecture Photography

3 Barcelona Architecture Photography4 Barcelona Architecture Photography7 Barcelona Architecture Photography9 Barcelona Architecture Photography10 Barcelona Architecture Photography13 Dhub Design Museum Barcelona Architecture Photography14 Barcelona Architecture Photography15 Decoration Barcelona Architecture Photography17 Casa Milaa Barcelona Architecture Photography18 Barcelona Architecture Photography19 Clock Tower Sitges Barcelona Architecture Photography
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