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15 Celebrities Photos long before they were famous

Celebrities Old Pictures
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Celebrities old Photo: Have you ever wondered, how your favourite celebrities looked like while they were young? Well, we have gathered a good collection of popular celebrities old photos, who are also powerful people in their line of business. From Oprah to Bill gates, here is a chance to view a never before old celebrity photos, which might surprise you....

20 Creative Hand Painting Ideas by Luca Luce

Hand Painting ideas
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Hand painting: Luca Luce is a clever makeup artist as he can create beautiful 3D optical illusion hand paintings with just the help of eye shadows and eyebrow pencil. Out of nowhere a sudden hole appears on his palm and you can see a minion trying to jump out of the hole. All his hand painting ideas have a tinge of surreal art attached to it. This Italian...

15 Creative illusion typed funky Furniture designs

Creative Furnitures
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Funky furniture: Have you read the folk tales "Aladdin and the magic lamp", wel in that story, the little boy Aladdin gets to fly a magic carpet. This magic carpet can also be seen in several animation movies as well. Now people living in Britain can enjoy taking this magic carpet to their homes in the form of a coffee table. This is an optical...

10 Coolest Easter Wishes and quotes for your loved ones

Easter Wishes
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Easter Wishes: Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ’s resurrection. According to the Gospel of John in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty. An angel told her that Jesus had risen. Henceforth Christians worldwide have celebrated Easter for centuries. During the...

15 Beautiful Real Life Barbies and Kens

Real Life Barbies and Kens
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Real life barbies and Kens: When we were little children, we used to play with toys and the most special ones were barbies and kens. I'm sure you would have waited for those little toys to come alive and speak to you. Well here are some real life barbies and Kens, so get ready to say hello to them. Have you heard of Ashton Clarke? She is a young lady...

15 Mysterious Lights Seen in the Sky

Lights in the Sky
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Sky light photos: America was tottaly gripped by the sighting of UFO's in the late 1940's. Around 1942, there was abattle in Los Angeles county and do you know what triggered this invasion, weather balloons. Balloons were lit up with candles and sent upwards to the sky every six hours, some gunners mistook the balloons for planes and opened fire....

20 Amazing Modern Architectures and Buildings around the world

Modern Architectures
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modern architecture: We are all quite familiar with the old historical buildings like the Taj Mahal, The leaning Tower of Pisa, The Pyramids of Giza and so on. But if you have a look at the modern buildings, they are so different and each one unique in it's own way. With the boom of hotels and in a way to boost tourism, many countries come up with...

15 Funny Wedding Invitation Cards

funny wedding invitations
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Funny wedding invitations: During the 80's I don't think couples invested much in wedding cards, it just used to be a simple affair. Nowadays it's more about, "Who did it what" and "What was their wedding invitation like?" and so on. Couples choose their wedding invitations based on color and theme of the weddings. In this...
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