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Lost In Sea Beautiful Seaglass Photographs by Tidecharmers

beautiful seaglass photos
We absolutely love the seaglass photos captured by the tidecharmers. Wandering around the beaches of California, picking up the sea glasses and stacking them in a certain way is very calming to the soul. The sun rays falling on these seaglass cast a mystical light which makes these photographs unique. Apart from photographs, tidecharmers have published...

Selfie time try these Funny Sunglasses 15 Sunglass Pictures

funny glasses
Looking for something unique, try these funny sunglasses. It's time for some selfies with these quirky and funny sunglasses. Pretend to be a celebrity and try out these funny sunglasses. Some of them are DIY(meaning you can remodel them at the convenience of your home). Impress your friends instantly with these funny sunglasses pictures. Do you know the...

Challenge yourselves to walk in these shoes Funny Shoes Pictures

funny shoes
It's true, there are crazy people in this world who wear such funny shoes. Try out these funniest shoes for your next halloween theme party and surprise your guests. Stiletto shoes have a new look, chicken feet , isn't interesting? Women need to have a strange sense of humor to wear such stiletto shoes. If you are looking for inspiration for your...

15 Funny Unidentified flying object Pictures Photoshopped UFOs

We have all been mesmerized by UFO pictures(Unidentified Flying Objects) right from childhood. How often have we stared at the skies trying to sight a UFO? UFO's have always been related to aliens, the reason behind it is unknown. Maybe we can safely assume that it's the impact of all the Hollywood blockbuster alien movies that has kept us...

Stunning and Sleek Swirling Faucet design by Philippe Starck

faucet design by phillippe starck
The faucet design is inspired by Philippe Starck  a french designer who is known for love of water. Water is the greatest inspiration for this mastermind of interior designs to household designs. The Axor Starck V faucet design is a glass spout which creates a vortex of spiral water. This faucet design was engineered and made in Germany. According to...

Green Buildings for a better world Amazing pictures of Architectures with Nature

amazing picture architecture design nature
The world is a better place to live in these amazing architectural design which coexist with nature. Kudos to the wonderful architects who have made this possible through these ground breaking architectural designs. Singapore airport is world famous for it's incorporation of greener buildings and it's one of the amazing tourists hotspots....

Is My Bow? Tie Sparkly Funny Beard And Mustaches By Incredibeard

funny beard and moustache
Men who love beard, checkout these funny beard and mosutaches. Octopus, spider, bird nest, fox is made to look so cool and sazzy by this incredible beard man. Love your beards? Then you must try out these funny beards and moustaches and stand tall in the crowd. So tell us which funny beard and moustache resembles you? Did you know that there beard and...

Is it Weird or Funny 20 Funny Animal Hairstyles for you

funny animal hairstyles
These are some real animals with their original hairdos. Afghan hounds have really silky and smooth hair. Gosh we are already jealous of their really long hair. Animals don't have to worry about their bad hair days. They look cute no matter what funny hairstyle they wear. Some pet owners have taken an extra step to make their pets resemble wild...

30 Most Amazing Upside Down Houses around the world

amazing house
Amazing House : Only the authors of the projects can explain why their buildings are turned upside down. the tiny village of Szymbark adorns one of these upside down houses, by the way, you see it on the main photo. This creative project was completed by a Polish businessman and philanthropist named Daniel Czapiewski in 2007. Typically, his company builds...

25 Beautiful and Inspiring Face Painting Pictures

face painting pictures
Face painting is the artistic application of cosmetic "paint" to a person's face. There are special water-based cosmetic "paints" made for face painting; people should ask before having face paints applied what products are being used. Acrylic and tempera craft paints are not meant for use on skin and are not acceptable, nor are...

18 Amazing and Extraordinary People with Real Super Power

amazing people
Amazing People : Cold Proof Man : Wim Hof is a Dutch-born man with the incredible ability of being invulnerable to cold, which he has proven by swimming in ice cold water and being buried completely in ice. He climbed up Mount Everest in a goddamned pair of goddamned shorts.Researchers finally got curious and decided to test Hof, and amazingly, they found...

15 Weird and Funny Fashion Trends around the World

funny fashion
Funny fashion: A new trend in hairdos has started amongst south korean girls. With the help of curling iron and hairspray, these teenage girls create cute heart shaped hair bangs. It's very popular amongst the teenage girls. It's not just women, who go crazy after colors in hairstyling, some men do love to have colorful long hair and beard. Well...
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