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Everyone wears tshirts around the world.It’s a comfortable clothing for casual meetings, night out with friends or even doing chores at home. Gone are the days of plain tshirts, nowadays tshirts are very trendy with eye catching designs and some of them are very funny. Here are a collection of funny tshirts which will tickle your funny bone...

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Funny Animal Gifs Here are a collection of interesting and funny animal gifs that will make you laugh and remove your worries. Whether you love animals or hate them, I'm sure these animal gif will bring lots of smiles to your faces. If you enjoyed these funny animal gifs, please share them with your friends too. See all Funny Gifs...

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Beautiful Trees Trees are one of nature’s beautiful creations and the following 20 tree pictures showcase the natural beauty of them. Every tree has their tradition, history and much more in deep of the heart. Some of the best and beautiful trees are all over the world like the Portland Japanese Garden in Washington Park, old huge tree in...

Funny house: The world is a strange and beautiful place and we can find many beautiful, weird, funny house architectures that will excite you. When you see buildings they make you wonder how they could possibly stay up, buildings that are breathtakingly beautiful, and buildings that are just a little bit strange. Here is a collection of funny...

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Funny Signs: If you travel often,you are sure to see signs put up in several places. Some are not intentionally funny picture signs, but sure give us a good laugh. Here is a collection of funny signs from around the world. Have you seen more hilarious funny signs than these? If yes let us know and share with your friends if you like this post...

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Happy Animals: Here are some ridiculously happy animals who have clearly figured something out that they will hopefully share with the rest of us when they are done frolicking or whatever. According to Dr. Brian Carroll, self awareness is conscious concomitant of the physiological processes involving laughter or smiling reflex (response) and its...

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I Love Colors - 30 Inspiring Photographs for your inspiration

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These bizarre looking hair set is the creation of Japanese weird art director Nagi Noda who previously created the poodle exercise video. Her website calls theses ‘hair hats’ which are styled into the form of various kind of animals such as a lion, rabbit, elephant, rhino and many others using hand crafted hair weaves that are made...

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